Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am torn...torn between whether to frame my stitching projects or put them in a scrapbook.  For He's A Turkey I have a simple black frame or I want to use this sort of layout in a scrapbook. 

Do I go simple with the frame? 

Or do I start my scrapbook up again?  I like the idea of a scrapbook because I will never run out of room for projects, and I can also be creative with the pages.  You can fit many, many pages in a scrapbook.  Plus I can take it along for show and tell to retreats or family gatherings, whatever.

Your thoughts????


cucki said...

Hmmmnn I think scrapbook is a lovely idea :)
Hugs xxx

Annie said...

I love the scrapbook idea. But it all depends on how much room you have, your decor, etc. I haven't seen a lot of scrapbook pages with x-stitch, but it seems an ideal way to showcase the stitching.

Vicky said...

Frame what you want to frame and scrapbook the rest :)

I was checking out the scrapbooking of xstitch things and I am so going to be doing that with the smaller things I do. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I started scrapbooking alot of my small finishes this year. It's great fun and gives you a whole new area of the craft shop to explore!
I use a scrap book with pockets that you slip the pages into so you can choose different patterned pages for whatever your theme is.

But here's the cunning bit - I have a box frame the same size as a scrapbook page (12 x 12) and each month I choose a page to remove and display in the frame.

Best of both worlds?