Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updates and Thursday Tidbits

I have been working on January and February Cottage.  No pics right now.  I am thinking I may wait until I am finished stitching them completely to take a pic. 

I will actually have half the day off today.  I hope to finish January Cottage and then start March on the same piece of fabric, just roll it up or stitch it right next to January.  I will eventually put them in my scrapbook.  I already have some great pieces of paper picked out.

The pink on the February Cottage is so much more VIBRANT in real life than in the picture.  I love it!  And it pops on the Sage Jobelan.  I am looking forward to seeing May's cottage, as that is my birth month.  And of course all of the other ones as well.

1.  I watched The Help and Crazy Stupid Love today.  Great movies.  Have not watched a movie in a long time.

2.  Work has been crazy busy since my co-worker basically up and quit about two weeks ago, only now helping us on a job here and there.  So, I have had much more work than normal until we find a replacement, which is not easy.

3.  I ordered another Namaste needlework magnetic case, in pink this time, for upstairs.  I have my purple one downstairs.  I love putting my orts in them!  Not bad for $21 including shipping, off of Etsy.

4.  I also ordered two books of my blogs, one from my old blog "I'll Be Perfect In My Next Life" and then all of the entries from 2011 for my current blog.  I used Blog2Print.  A little pricey, but for me completely worth it to have a softcover book that I can keep forever of my blogs, and all in color, including all of the pictures.

5.  I am looking forward to Market Day at The Stitching Post on Saturday, March 3.  There are a few items I have my eye on, plus look forward to seeing items that designers have not yet posted pics of on the Internet!

6.  I am WAY behind in my TV shows.  Like 11 or 12 hours worth!  BF may be fishing Saturday morning so I may try to catch up then, but I am seriously considering just deleting them all and starting over, or just watching like one or two.  My favorite show is Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.  And BF and I watch a few reality shows during the week like The Bachelor and American Idol and Survivor.

7.  I started reading The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, but could not really get into it.  I finished recently two young adult books, one in the Pretty Little Liars series and one in The Lying Game series.  I am looking for something else good to read.  Waiting patiently for Gillian Flynn's new book to come out in June, Gone Girl.  I read and loved both of her other books. 

It's Thursday already!  Can you believe it?


pandy said...

I like the cottages, cept for March, my birth month. I really dislike the colour GREEN and hate that it's always associated with St Patty's day LOL. If I did it, I would probably change it to Yellow, like daffodils, which are also associated with March :)

I can't wait to see your finishes, and the scrapbook page they'll go in when you're done :)

Catherine said...

I have been wondering how the colors will play out on the rest of the cottages.
My two older boys read and loved the Hunger Games Series., not sure if that's up your alley or not.

April said...

Hey Danielle!! You have been busy!! Hope to see your cottages soon!!

Lesleyanne said...

Can't wait to see your cottages. Hope the rest of your week goes well.