Friday, February 3, 2012

January Cottage Redux & New Purchases!

I just wanted to post a quick update.

I was able to put in a few stitches yesterday on January Cottage. LOVE the Jobelan!  So glad I am using that fabric, although in real life it is much richer looking.  In this pic it looks sort of washed out.

I also have bought a few new things for myself.  As BF likes to call me, Inspector Gadget.  I wear that title proudly, thank you very much!  LOL.

After seeing Jill's Q-snap frame in person, I thought about it for a week and decided to go ahead and purchase one from Stitcher's Paradise.  I placed my order this morning and just received an e-mail that it shipped already!  Lightening fast!  I should have it Monday/Tuesday as it is coming via USPS Priority Mail.

And I also ordered four of the Creative Options bobbin boxes that have been all over everyone's blog posts lately.  I wanted one each for DMC, GAST, WDW, and CC threads.  I actually went in person to my local Joann's this morning, but they did not have any.  So, I decided to just go ahead and get them from Walmart's website and have them shipped to my local store and I can go pick them up when they arrive, which should be February 13 or thereabouts.  At $9 each, not a bad deal.  Shipping to my house would have been $20!!! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I hope to have some progress on LK A Little Love kit on Monday to show you.  Stay tuned!


cucki said...

Sweet stitching..
Have a lovely weekend xxx

Beth Pearce said...

Love the new springy look to your blog! Glad you are back in the stitching way of things. Those boxes look like they would be great!

Denise said...

I like the way the thread looks on a bobbin, but if I took the time to do that with all the thread I have I wouldn't have time to stitch! I'll stick to the easy bags :-) Good Luck on January Cottage so far that one is my favorite.

Susan said...

I haven't seen those bobbin boxes - I have my non-DMC threads in plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store. I love the "ship to store" feature that Walmart offers!

I would love it if you would visit my blog - I've started a new feature "a stitching party", and I'm encouraging people to link to their blogs and show off what they are working on!

Have a wonderful weekend!