Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Rainforest Crunch & More Stash!

I have been working steadily along on Rainforest Crunch.  Still loving it!  Here is my progress so far.

I did substitute the Kreinik braid for Rainbow Gallery Braid, as I cannot stand working with any Kreinik fibers.  And I discovered a wonderful fiber in the process.  I thought I had purchased two cards of Rainbow Gallery Braid, but in fact I purchased one card of the braid and one card of petite treasure ribbon.

When I went to use what I thought was the braid and discovered it was ribbon, I went, oh, crap!  But then I said, what the hell, and tried it.  The ribbon is wonderful!  It lays flat and is a dream to work with.

I have started making needlepoint notes in a small notebook I store in my stitching bag, just so I don't forget anything of importance.  Like needle size and favorite fibers and how many plies with this fiber and that fiber.

I received some more stash in the mail yesterday.  Some fibers for Needle Delights Originals Strawberry Shortcake, Mirabilia's Lady Alexandra, and two Needle Delights Originals patterns: Color Delights - Rainbow and Aquamarine.  I also could not resist picking up Needle Delights Originals Rainforest Revisited when I went to The Stitching Post the other day to pick up the remaining Caron Watercolours for Rainforest Crunch.

Ah, so many great patterns, so little time. 


ArchangelDecker said...

It's turning out beautifully!

Catherine said...

Crunch is looking good! And that stash - lovely!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Ooooh, pretty work and pretty stash! Life is good!

Lonneke said...

Oh wow , that looks gorgeous! I love it.
So smart to keep a notebook.

country stitcher said...

your work looks gorgeous! More stash is always good,and fun to get
Happy Stitching

Kaisievic said...

Lovely work, so far.