Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here is the awesome snowglobe that my dad and stepmom got me for my birthday.  It is The Little Mermaid and it plays music!  It came with a plate that you can get engraved and stick on the front.  On Saturday I am going to get my name.

I recently purchased a chart holder for my Stitchmate stand, or should I say purchased again.  I took it off a while ago and could not find it, so I reordered one.  Much better than having the chart on my lap.

For any large chart, like a Mirabilia, I use this utility cabinet for organizing the floss.  I number each drawer in numerical order and each skein goes in a drawer.  It works very well and keeps everything nice and neat.

And here is my update on The Peony Garden.  Moving right along.  I will be to her face soon.


valerie said...

Happy birthday! I may have missed it. Love your set up and progress on Peony Garden! The fabric is the perfect backdrop for her!

Lesleyanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Great progress on Peony Garden. Love your snowglobe and chart holder.

Vicky said...

Happy Belated Birthday, love the snowglobe and Peony Garden has such lovely colours.