Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainforest Crunch

Ah, the obsession of our needlework habit!  I work on Mirabilia's The Peony Garden on my Stitchmate upstairs in my office most mornings.  In the evening I sit downstairs with BF and watch TV from about 7 to 9pm.  I wanted a project to work on down there sometimes.  And I have always wanted to try needlepoint projects, like Laura J. Perin or Needle Delights Originals.  Such color!  And some different stitches. 

So, yesterday I experimented.  I printed out a free Laura J. Perin project, grabbed some floss and some 18 count linen and went to work.  I am not one to work on canvas, although that is what most needlepoint projects are done on.  I just don't like it.  And who says all needlepoint projects have to be done on canvas anyway?  Pfftttttt is what I say to that!  I like evenweave or linen. 

Well, I did not like the 18 count linen at all.  I purchased some cork linen, not having used it before.  And while three strands of DMC seemed good coverage on 28 count linen, it became very bulky after a while and it was tough for me to see the holes.  So, I tested 2 strands of a dark red DMC on a corner of the pink dahlia 28 count Jobelan I am stitching The Peony Garden on and it covered well!  I wanted to test a dark thread on a light fabric just to see.  Jobelan is such a lovely fabric to work on, my absolute favorite.

Well, last night I decided I was going to do Rainforest Crunch by Needle Delights Originals, given that I had just purchased the pattern, and especially after seeing the Spinster Stitcher's color conversion.  So, I pulled out my recently purchased DMC floss color card (with actual thread!!! yes, I found one on a UK cross stitch store website for $30) and I start looking.  And promptly gave myself a headache.  Picking alternate colors is difficult!!! And I decided I wanted overdyed floss, but not silk, as that would cost me about $100 in the silk alone!!! 

So, today I am going to make a trip to The Stitching Post to purchased some 28 count Jobelan and 13 different Weeks Dye Works and 2 different Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid, as the original color scheme calls for two colors of Kreinik, but I am partial to the RG Petite Braid.  Stay tuned for pics!  And wish me luck.


Denise said...

I know exactly the pattern you are planning. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Good luck with the new color way. I've never been quiet that brave myself.

ArchangelDecker said...

Can't wait to see what you have planned. It sounds gorgeous! :)

geeky Heather said...

Good luck! I love that pattern but the expense scared me away. I can't wait to see what color scheme you come up with!

Colorado Stitcher said...

sounds like a good plan. Can't wait to see your color choices!