Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!

To celebrate the arrival of spring, and my happiness at having a weekend getaway, I am having a giveaway, of HDF silk.  If you have never worked with silk, you are in for a treat.  Each spool you see here is 52.2 yards of silk, single stranded. 

ONE lucky person will receive all of these spools (the container they are in is NOT included)!  And I am pretty sure I have some more floating around here so I will add those too.  Suffice it to say it's a lot.  You can tell by the picture. 

All you have to do is leave a comment ON THIS POST ONLY stating your favorite Blue Ribbon Designs pattern.  If you have never heard of Blue Ribbon Designs, then you can state that instead.  Belinda is my new favorite designer and I am just totally smitten at the moment!

I will draw one name on Monday morning.  Good luck to all!


Parsley said...

Wow! I've yet to stitch with silk and I haven't heard of Blue Ribbon Designs. Guess I need to get after this hobby on a new level, huh?!

I'd love to be entered. :-)


VegasJilly said...

I'm really liking the colors in autumn leaves and sunflower seeds! I need to get my hands on it!

Rachel said...

Wonderful giveaway!

I have Black Cats and Flying Bats on my to do list this year. Love the colors and saying on this piece.

Please include me in the drawing.

Patty C. said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me - I have never tried silk but would love to - This is to exciting !!!

Awesome Giveaway - Thank you so much :)

I have heard of Blue Ribbon Designs - She is a fabulous designer but I can't say I have a favorite - She does have some wonderful freebies too :)Her blog is definitely worth a look !!

Crystal said...

WOW what a wonderful giveaway, I've only used silks once and they were lovely to work with. I love all of Blue Ribbon Designs but if I had to pick a few I would say "Sweet songs of spring" and "Its cold outside". Good luck to everyone.

Faye said...

Oh my!!! I have always wanted to try these silks!!! I would LOVE to recieve them (or share with another winner...?...) That would just be awesome!!!

Blue Ribbon Designs is one of my favorites and I LOVE American Panarama!!! I would even stitch a section of it, using the HDF, and pass the goodie on to someone as a RAK.............

You have very good tastes in designers!!!! Take care, Faye

Lesleyanne said...

What a lovely giveaway. I've never used silks - these are new to me. Please enter me. My favourite Blue Ribbon Design is Peppermint Twist but there are loads of others that I like too.

Emily said...

I've never used silks before .. but I'd love to try!

I have "Small Tokens of Affection" to do, I won it in a giveaway ... but its the only Blue Ribbon Design I've ever had .. so for now that's my favorite!!

I'll have to hunt down some more and see what I can find to see if there are more I want or like!!

CalamityJr said...

Oh, my - I don't know Crystal, but I'd better go check her blog, because her two favorites are the same as mine! (Sweet Songs of Spring and It's Cold Outside) These silks look wonderful, so please count me in! (and thank for sharing)

Denise said...

I had to Google it. BUT I did know the designer. I have seen Red Velvet Insription Sampler some where once before. I still like it.

I've never seen these silks before. My goodness - you are very generous! I would appreciate it if you threw my name in the hat too.

Thanks for the chance!

Babs in Alabama said...

I have just about every BRD there is, but the one I'm working on, also one of my personal faves is American Panorama. It is one of my challenge pieces for 2011. Would love the silk so you can put my name in if you will. what a wonderful giveaway!
hugs, babs

Robin said...

What a generous giveaway of HDF silks, Danielle! You will truly enjoy working on Belinda's designs. is hard to pick just one...there is An Expression of Gratitude or Americana Panorama or Blessed are those who gather here or Spread your wings or I could just say I love all the ones I have stitched!


Astrid's dragon said...

Wow, such a treat! Great variety of colours.
I had to look up her designs and they all look great. I think I like the fall/Halloween ones the best, especially "Frolic In The Foliage". Looks like I have something to look for at the Stitching Post!

Deborah said...

I love Blue Ribbon Designs! I have done afew but my favorite is an oldie called Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck. Wonderful giveaway, Danielle. Have a great getaway weekend!

Bronzemom said...

Right now, my favourite BRD design is Peppermint Twist -- although there are about 15 more I'd love to have!
I've stitched several of the BRD Freebies.

I love Vikki Clayton's HDF. They are my favourite by far.

Thanks for the grat contest!


bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Rachael xxx said...

I have heard of Belinda and BRD my fav is red velvet inscription sampler because it was my first big project

Lee-Ann said...

once again I can say I have been kept in the dark ...I have never seen these silks or heard of this designer.
We dont have anything close to your LNS's in Australia -actually I dont even have one lol
but i do find that reading blogs like yours i find more and more charts I "need" to have ..the Visa is in need of a holiday.
so cant say what my fav is, but going to have a look now ..
and if I dont live to far away - Australia I would love to enter xx

♥ Nia said...

Can't pick one between 'Blooming With Inspiration' and 'It's Cold Outside'!! :)
Wonderful giveaway! Please, count me in :D
Have a great weekend!!

natalyK said...

I would love to enter this wonderful giveaway. My favorite design is from a retreat that I attended last May. She is a wonderful designer and a lovely energetic person. She designed a Shaker Box top with accessories and it is lovely. I look forward to seeing her again in October at the New England Stitchers Retreat.

Carol said...

Oh, my! I would love to enter your generous giveaway, Danielle. Having never tried silks, but hearing how wonderful they are to stitch with, I would be thrilled to win :)

I love Blue Ribbon Designs because not only can you stitch the whole chart, but you can take so many little motifs out and just stitch a small ornament, scissor fob, etc. I think my favorite one is Patriotic Patchwork, but I really love all of them!

Thanks for the chance--I'm having a giveaway at my blog, too, if you'd like to stop in and visit :)
Have a great weekend, Danielle!

Cole said...

I love Bluebirds and Daisies, it's in my WIP list right now... I also love their Christmas ornaments, I've stitched a couple of them over the last few years.

Thanks Danielle! Such a generous giveaway!

Maggee said...

Hello! I love HDF silks, and my favorite BRD design right now is Sweet Songs of Spring--so cute! Thanks for having this giveaway! Hugs.

Blu said...

What a truly generous giveaway.

One day I will stitch and finish Creepy Crawly! That coffin! I cannot resist it...

Pumpkin said...

How exciting!!!! Please enter my name :o)

One of my favorite from BRD is A Little Quakeresque. Just LOVE this one :o)

Thanks Danielle!

geeky Heather said...

Gracious, what a fabulous giveaway!! My favorite BRD (that I've seen, anyway) is It's Cold Outside.

Bobbie said...

Oh my goodness, Danielle, what a lovely give-a-way! How very generous of you. I've never tried silks and have just been itching to stitch with it. I'm sorry, I've not heard of Blue Ribbon Designs. Hope that you won't hold that against me!
I just found your blog from another stitcher's blog and I am blown away with your stitching!
I do not have a blog so I will leave my personal email address for you, in hopes that I might win this beautiful silk.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter my name.
Bobbie -

Vicky said...

I just checked out their website and love heaps of the designs.

Tracey said...

What a wonderful giveaway. I have tried silks before (and love them) but I have never tried HDF silks. I love that they are on spools.
My favorite Blue Ribbon design would have to be Blessed Beyond Measure. Not only do you get the stitch starter ruler but the quaker sleeve is my favorite. Have a great time in OC.
:) Tracey

Kttycat said...

I've never used silks before but have wanted to try.

I haven't seen too many of the Blue Ribbon Designs so I don't know too many to pick a favorite but I guess of all the ones i've seen it would have to be "It's Cold Outside".