Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloom & New Projects!

Hello, fellow stitchers and bloggers!  Lots to tell and pictures to see! 

First up is one of my new projects, Blue Ribbon Designs Stop and Stitch the Flowers on Lakeside Linens 40 count Chantilly Creme.  I went to The Stitching Post to pick up the Crescent Colours floss.  They had all but one, or so I thought!  I was leaving the thread aisle when I just happened to glance and saw the missing floss, in the wrong place!  So, I scooped it up, and being the nice person I am, I put the remaining ones in their rightful place.  I would not want to see another stitcher go through that!

I also picked up a few of the mesh bags you see on the left-hand side.  Wonderful for storing threads and other doodads.

The BRD piece will be placed on an 11 by 11 Qsnap because of its size and I realized I was out of felt strips to place under the clips on the Qsnap.  I did not want to ride to Michaels to get one piece of felt, so I thought and thought, and voila!  An unused fleece blanket in our linen closet, from which I cut my required strips.

Here is my progress on Bloom.  As you can see, I am so close to being finished!!! 

Here is another project I have ready to go, iStitch's Sew A Brown Bunny, her newest release.  I picked up some 40 count white Newcastle linen and chose my own threads, HDF silk.  I usually fret at picking out my own colors, but I am just going with it and not worrying about it.

I have to pay homage to my Ginghers.  My stepmother passed these on to me.  They were her mother's, so very, very old.  They still work like a charm!  I only cut fabric with these, and it has been stressed to The Daughter and BF both, ONLY FABRIC!!!

This is a vintage lamp that my dad gave me recently.  They were redecorating their house and were getting rid of it.  I have always expressed great love for this lamp and told them if they ever wanted to get rid of, please give it to me!  And my time has come!

For all of you stepmothers out there I have found a wonderful resource, Stepmom magazine.  I came upon this by accident yesterday and it truly is a treasure trove of information.  And it makes me feel hopeful and know that I am not alone in my situation or feelings.  

BF and I are headed to Ocean City for the weekend at 6pm today!  I can't wait.   Enjoy you weekend, whatever you have planned.

In peace, love, and stitches,


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Fun new stash, a darling almost finish and a great "new" lamp! How fun!! Have a great time in OC.

Lesleyanne said...

Bloom looks gorgeous. Great new stash. Love your new vintage lamp.

Kat said...

I really like that lamp! How lucky for you! I love new stash, and it looks like you are really liking 40 ct linen! I haven't taken the plunge quite yet, but I have my project all picked out! Have a great weekend.


Tracey said...

Love the lamp. I just came from the stitching post myself and picked up some new stash. Buying new stash always puts a smile on my face. Everything you stitch is beautiful and the colors you picked out for Sew a Brown Bunny I'm sure will look great. May I ask what are the names of the colors you picked? Have a great weekend.


Meari said...

The lamp is beautiful!

I have stressed to everyone I know that my scissors are for sewing only. I've done it since I was a teenager, after taking sewing classes. Sewing only! Then I tell them I have several pairs in various places that can be used for anything else. One in the bathroom... kitchen... basement... garage, lol. No excuses for using *my* scissors.

Deborah said...

You have lined up some great projects. Going strong on the 40 ct. fabric. Love BRD. Wonderful lamp. said...

oh I love the color ...

marylin FRANCE

Maggee said...

Love your Bloom project! And that lamp is so exquisite! Hugs!

Pumpkin said...

Great projects on the go :o) Love the bunny pattern! I'm glad you pointed it out.

Have a great time!