Monday, January 31, 2011


Why do I go against what I know I like? Continuing with 'Tis Pink, my heart just wasn't in it, not when I have all these Lizzie Kate designs calling to me! So, my downstairs project is going to be Snowman Snippet and I am going to start the ABC's of Aging Artfully tomorrow on 28 count Toasted Almond Cashel on my stitching stand upstairs.

I just have to get out tomorrow and buy an 8 by 8 Q-snap and an 11 by 11 Q-snap, just to have on hand.

And can I do a tiny rant about the Toasted Almond fabric? Apparently Amber linen is the same color, but trust me when I say it is NOT the same texture! The Amber linen is coarse and stiff and just horrible, whereas the Toasted Almond is soft and nice. Twice I have received the Amber linen!! Okay. Enough about that. I know the two places I can order and get the right fabric.

I did receive my order from The Silver Needle in today's mail, as well as my recent order from Down Sunshine Lane. I will post those tomorrow.

For now I leave you with an updated pic of Snowman Snippet. The snowman himself is finally done!

I hope you have enjoyed your Monday! Well, as far as Mondays go.

In peace, love, and stitches,

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Beth said...

Snowman is high in my to do pile too! Yours is looking mighty good!

Lesleyanne said...

Your snowman is gorgeous. I have this ready to order when I next place an order lol. Loving watching yours grow.

Anonymous said...

Hey you need to joing my Lizzie Kate support group. We love those designs

Anonymous said...

Mr Snowman is gorgeous, I love the fabric you have chosen to stitch it on

Pumpkin said...

Snowman is SOOOO cute!!!!

ArchangelDecker said...

Too cute! :)