Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowman Progress & Layla

Here is a pic of my newest start, LK's Snowman '10 Snippet.

I pre-ordered all of the newest LK designs from The Silver Needle yesterday.  It was, like, five patterns/kits.  I am such a bad girl!!!  They are the only ones who mentioned an Easter kit.  And the only pic they had up besides Halloween Rules was the ABC's of Parenting, which reminded me of The Daughter.  I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

And here is a pic of our other dog, Layla.  SHE is truly the biggest love bug in the house, always wanting to be in your lap and giving hugs and kisses.  

As I mentioned on here before I play a game called Words With Friends, basically Scrabble, on my iPad.  I play with a coworker.  I send a word, it sends her a notification, and when she plays a word, it sends me a notification, and so on.  We have played four games and she has beaten me every time!  Grrr.  So, I purchased this book today on Amazon, Everything Scrabble.  I HAVE to beat her!!  LOL.  I am hoping this book will help.

Have a fabulous Friday!

In peace, love, and stitches,


Pumpkin said...

Layla is so adorable :o)

Joyus said...

Nice start, I love L*K's snowmen. I'm very jealous about the L*K purchases but I am determined to drool for now and maybe if I'm a good stitcher all year Santa will treat me!

Meari said...

What a cute pup.

I play that same word game on my iPod!

Carol R said...

Lovely start on 'Snowman'. Layla is a little cutie!