Monday, April 16, 2012

New projects!

I have been working on two Mirabilia patterns, Silver Moon Tea and The Bliss Fairy.

I also ordered the Sugilite kit from Scarlet Thread.  I was jonesing for a needlepoint piece to work on and the most recent releases from Needle Delights Originals have really caught my eye! 

I saw the below meme of sorts on someone's blog and thought it would be great to do one on my own blog.

What are you......

Reading?   Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy.  A fantastic book so far about how changing your thinking can completely transform your life.

Watching?  Melrose Place on Netflix.  Wonderfully decadent and drama-filled. 

Listening to?   Alex Clare's Too Close.  This song caught my eye, or should I say ear, on the most recent commercial for Internet Explorer.

Cooking/Baking?  Tomorrow is BF's birthday, so I am baking him cupcakes and making my grandmother's crabcakes recipe for dinner. 

Happy you accomplished this week?  The week is still early, but hoping to make BF's birthday a good day for him and finish all of my work, plus a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

Looking forward to next week?  My massage next Saturday.  It will have been three weeks since my last one.  I normally get one every two weeks.

Thankful for today?  That I have a good paycheck this week (tomorrow) and that I was able to carve out the time to do this blog post today, as it has been over two weeks since my last one!


Claudette497 said...

Ooh that needlepoint looks pretty - actually, the Mirabilia's are pretty too! I can't wait to see your WIPs all stitched up!

Denise said...

Wondered what you had been up to! Can't wait to see more. Wish the BF a Happy Birthday for me. D

LoriU said...

Hi Danielle, nice to see you again! Oh I love those two Mira's! Can't wait to see your progress.

Autumn said...

A massage sounds HEAVENLY! Have a great week.

Lesleyanne said...

Two great new starts. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Penny said...

Both of these Mirabilias are so pretty! Enjoy your massage - it sounds wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...


Just joined your lovely blog.

Both of your new starts are beautiful and the CCN cottages are very pretty!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, wow! I never would have thought Bliss Fairy was those colors! You totally can't tell from her finished picture. They're lovely!