Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Gifts and Updates!

Valentine's gifts from BF!  The flower vase is from Hallmark and you press a button on the back and it opens.  So neat!  Also pictured is a mug, snow globe, card, and a stuffed monkey I have named Brucey, after my favorite character in the movie Matilda, the boy who eats the whole chocolate cake in front of the entire class.  You can do it, Brucey!!!

I have stitched a bit more on Lizzie Kate A Little Love.  The frogs came to visit a bit on the L and I had to rip out half of it, but all is well now.

More on January Cottage!  Cannot wait to get this one done, as it seems as if it has taken me forever with restarting it three times.  Ready to move on to February and the others!

Still very much loving the Sage Jobelan and how great the white shows up on it.  Can't say enough about it!  I will surely be using it for future projects.

And finally here is my Qsnap lap frame!  I finally received this after a small snafu where it was not mailed out until FIVE days after they had e-mailed me saying it had been mailed!  But I have it now, so all is good.

I will be trying this out on my next project after A Little Love.  I am thinking Little House Needleworks Little Miss Sunflower


Autumn said...

How wonderful! Love the sage color. Must put that on my list!

Beth Pearce said...

Cute Valentines presents! Love and January are both coming along fine. I will be interested in hearing how you like your lapframe. I have floor stands, but have never tried a lap or table stand.

Lesleyanne said...

Great valentine gifts. Both of your projects are looking great. Lovely lapstand.

cucki said...

sweet valentine presents..and very lovely stitching xx

jcat0629 said...

Adorable Valentine's pressies!!! The bear is so cute. I really like how the white pops on the Sage Jobelan.

The Q-snap lap stand is so cool. I'll have to check that out. I use a K's Creations z-lap stand & love it but have to see what the Q-snap one is all about.

Denise said...

Your LK and Jan Cottage are coming along great and enjoy your new Qsnap lap frame.
Happy Stitching

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching and such a cute little monkey!