Saturday, February 4, 2012


...does NOT want me to work on Lizzie Kate's A Little Love Kit!!  LOL.

On Thursday I was going to start it.  We were able to have an earlier-than-normal dinner and so I had about an hour extra of time, but then BF's laptop would not connect to the Internet, so I was resetting our modem/router, restarting his computer, blah, blah, blah, which quickly ate up that hour of time.  Yes, I am the resident computer expert in our home!  LOL.  I fixed it, but alas no stitching that evening.

LAST night, Friday, I also had planned to start it.  We went out to dinner at a restaurant and being Friday we were going to stay up a little past our normal bedtime.  Well, when we were leaving the restaurant I said, uh, where is my cell phone?!?!?!?!?  I always keep it in the front pocket of my purse.  And the case on the phone is like a rubbery silicone so it sort of "sticks" in the pocket, so it is not falling out of my purse. 

So, I check all in the purse, all over the booth, the car.  And then BF goes back into the restaurant and has the staff looking, NO PHONE!!!  When we get home BF calls it and there is no answer.  Well, I have no choice at this point but to suspend the service and buy another phone.  We don't have a landline phone, so our cell phones are it for us.  We think someone STOLE it from my purse.  The restaurant was so ridiculously crowded and I walked up to the front two or three times to check if they had called our name, and I was jostled and pushed by a bunch of people. 

I start looking at phones online and just want to throw up.  Since I had just upgraded mine in November I am not eligible for another upgrade until July of 2013!!  So, if I'm buying a phone, it's at full retail price, hundreds of dollars.  So, I'm thinking and thinking.  My mom has a family plan where she has five phones on the plan, my uncle, grandparents, aunt, and her and my stepfather.  Well, my grandparents never upgrade their cell phone.  They hardly use it.  So, she had an available upgrade AND a $50 credit toward a new phone. 

So, I was able to use one of her upgrades to order a white iPhone 4 for only $50!!!  I thought that was a great deal.  And I should have it early next week.  But I was on the phone with my mother for about an hour and 15 minutes dealing with that, and when I got off the phone and the computer, time for bed!  So, no stitching once again. 

Universe, why don't you want me to work on that LK kit??  LOL.   I am going to attempt to start it tonight.

I am looking forward to The Stitching Post's Super Bowl sale on Sunday.  I have decided to go after all.  I look forward to maybe picking up a few things and seeing all of my stitching friends, Jill, Astrid, DJ, and Denise, as they are going also!

Jill and I also booked our reservation for the Salty Yarns Stitcher's Jamboree in Ocean City, Maryland in October of this year.  Can't wait!  Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs is one of the teachers and there are two more that have not been announced yet.  Very excited!  This will be my first time taking a class. 

Happy weekend to all!


Susan said...

I'm sorry that you lost your phone, but am glad that you were able to upgrade through your parents' plan - that was convenient!

I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to do any stitching - hopefully you can do so over the weekend.

The retreat in MD in October sounds like fun - it's been a while since I went on a retreat :(

cucki said...

oh sorry that you lost your phone..
sending you big hugs and happy wishes xx

Catherine said...

Bummer about the phone....perhaps it will still turn up and then you'll have a spare.

Hope you find that stitching time!

Sally said...

I'm sorry that you lost your phone. That's a real bummer but glad you got a replacement for a good price.

Hope you manage to get plenty of stitching in over the weekend!

Beth Pearce said...

Sure hope you get to stitch on L*K today! Sorry about your phone, but it sounds like you got a great deal. How frustrating though to have that happen!

Enjoy your retreat and class in October. That is when I will be at the PALS retreat in Myrtle Beach.

pam said...

WOW that wore me out reading it cannot imagine if I had to deal with it. Fun news on the retreat.

Thoeria said...

Sorry to hear about your phone saga - I've been there quite a few times myself :) I'm not the best person with a cell I'm afraid! I'm glad you got sorted though - and an Iphone for $50 sounds like a good deal to me :) LK will happen....eventually!

Sherry said...

So sorry for all the trouble!!! Hope you found time over the weekend to do some stitching. Can't wait to see the update. I also hope you got some deals at the super bowl sale.