Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still more January Cottage

I have the hardest time getting a good pic of my WIP's.  The pics seem to be so very different from what the piece looks like in real life.

I am still loving the 25 count, as it is nice to not have to come back to the complete the second leg of the X.  I am finding that on items like the windows I have to stitch a different way than I normally would.  Normally I would outline the windows in the brown and then fill in with the white.  Well, I did that and it seemed crowded.  So, on the other part of the house I am going to be stitching in rows and parking some threads as I go along so I may be using three different colors in a row, but I won't be trying to fill in anything, if that makes sense to all of you.

Some of you commented how tiny this one is going to be.  Yes!  3 by 3.  I am going to stitch all 12 cottages on this same piece of fabric, 3 wide and 4 down.

I broke out my StitchMate floor stand yesterday morning and put this piece on it, and pulled out my floor daylight lamp.  I forgot how much I love stitching on a floor stand!  It was actually prompted by BF.  I was showing him the Qsnap lap frame that Jill has and mentioned how I was considering getting one, and he said, uh, you have a $400 stand that is currently sitting in the closet.  LOL.  He said it jokingly, but it got me to thinking.  Why am I not using that stand?  It does not really take up too much room in my office.

But this leads me to want a "downstairs" project that I can put on a Qsnap and work on in the evenings and to take with me for get-togethers and retreats, like this Sunday at Denise's.  Because I am NOT pulling the cottage project off the scroll rods every night and putting it on a Qsnap.  Uh, no.  Yes, I don't need the Qsnap stand.  I just want it.  LOL.  But I am going to make a trip to The Stitching Post today to see what project I can get for that endeavor.  LK Fat Snowmen maybe???

At the retreat Jill and I went to in November we saw the Snowmen partially stitched and we went back and forth as to if we wanted to stitch it.  It's growing on me.  LOL.  I will have to see if something else catches my eye today.  Whatever it is, I will be stitching on 25 count again using tent stitch. 


Sally said...

Lovely progress Danielle.

Oh I would definitely go for L*K 6 Fat Men! They are so much fun to stitch!

cucki said...

Aww great progress xxx

Denise said...

Your cottage looks fab! Several others are doing them all on one piece of linen! You can do this.

Somehow I have missed your posts since the give away - so sorry. You got lots of great things at Christmas. Lucky you.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on the Cottage. I'm sure they will look great altogether. Definitely get the L*K 6 snowmen. Can I ask - what is tent stitch???

Lana said...

Great progress!!!

Christine said...

Your cottage looks great.
The LK snowman design is adorable, I think it would be a great choice

Joysze said...

This is growing beautifully, Danielle. I can't tent... it feels unfinished to me to not make that top stitch, hehehe.

Mangogirl said...

your cottage is looking lovely.

SoCal Debbie said...

The January cottage looks great! I am also stitching a project with 12 pictures, 3 across and 4 down, on a scroll frame. It's a perfect plan to have a "downstairs" piece on a Qsnap frame!