Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am considering scrapbooking my finishes once again.  I have tried and not stuck with this method twice now.  I looked around today and realized that eventually (not anytime soon, mind you) I will run out of wall space.  Scrapbooking my finishes would solve that problem, not to mention an easy finish and relatively inexpensive, as I don't add special items to the scrapbook page, just the stitched piece.  Ugghhhhh, my brain!!!

My main issue is finding the perfect scrapbook, of course.  I saw one online at ACMoore that has an elastic strap that will keep the scrapbook closed when you are not using it.  This appeals to me, as when you pick up the book, all of the pages will not slide in it.  They will be staying put until you open it.



Colorado Stitcher said...

I make a scrapbook of picture of the stitched items I give away, but never thought of making a scrapbook with actual stitched items. That is a very interesting idea. I am not sure of the cost but a archival company call University Products has some nice scrapbooks(if I recall correctly.

Now you have me thinking about some of my stitching I boxed up and if a scrapbook would be a good place for them????

Joysze said...

Yanno, I was thinking about this too. Awhile back, hubby was at Michaels and saw a 20x20 Martha Steward scrapbook on clearance and bought it for me.

Recently, I did a framed finishing on the cover, hubby tea painted the white fabric, and it's ready to go. I don't have anything new to put in there yet.... so we'll see how it goes.

Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out. :D

Minnie said...

That's a good idea, look forward to seeing how it(yours) is done.

cucki said...

great idea xxx