Monday, September 19, 2011

A new needlepoint endeavour!

I have put Cherry Cordial and Color Delights Plum to the side for now.  I have missed cross stitch patterns!!  So, I decided to try Lizzie Kate's Fall Alphabet on canvas and I converted all of the colors to Caron Watercolours (my new favorite thread to stitch with!).

The only issue I have (and of course there had to be one!) is that when completed you will see the canvas where there are no stitches, as in needlepoint normally ALL of the canvas is stitched.  Well, I tried stitching the background two different times yesterday and it seemed as if the alphabet was just swallowed up by the stitching.

Here is what I have completed so far.  Honest opinions please, good or bad.  Do you think this will look all right stitched with the canvas showing around the design?  Will it look all right framed?  Has anyone completed any needlepoint where the entire canvas is not stitched?

I really want this to work and be happy with it.  I love stitching on the canvas and being able to use the Caron Watercolors.

I am also going to revive this blog more to show more of my personal thoughts and life, not just stitching.  I had been keeping a handwritten journal, but I can type so much faster than I can write, you know?  And I can always get this blog printed into a book down the road.

I was off work today and had lunch with my baby sis at her school.  She is 6 and in the first grade.  Such a fun time!  My next weekday off I am going to have lunch with her again. 

Happy Monday to you all!

P.S. I am going to sit down now and do some stitching and watch "What Dreams May Come."  I just realized it is on instant streaming for Netflix!  Yay.


ArchangelDecker said...

I like it with the canvas showing. With the exception of designs like HAEDs, the ground fabric is shown in cross stitch pieces.

Although, if you truly wanted to, you could always stitch the background in a white or a cream silk.

HTH! :)

LIZ said...

I agree, you could stitch the background in an off white. And if you don't want it to overwhelm, use fewer strands or a lighter weight thread.

Judy said...

Needlepoint has branched out and often you will see canvas threads showing these days! Colored canvas helps reduce some of the stark contrast between stitching and background. Try it if the white threads are bothering you. I stitched the Lizzy Kate flipit Halloween series on brown canvas- threads showing and it is an awesome bell pull!

Meari said...

I was going to suggest you stitch the background in a white or off white, but someone already did. :)