Friday, August 26, 2011

Updates & New Stash!!!

I have lost interest in completing Pirate Sock Monkey.  It happens.  Life goes on.

I have been working on Strawberry Shortcake the past few days.  Still loving this one.

I received some stash in the mail, the 2000 JCS ornament magazine, and two extra Cross Stitcher magazines the seller threw in the package.  I also received another origami ort holder from Etsy.  LOVE these!!

I was off work today, so in addition to having my hair trimmed (not since April!!!) and my nails done by my wonderful mother, I made a trip to The Stitching Post and picked up JBW Designs French Country Squirrel and Scaredy Cats, and a fat quarter of 40 count Magnolia Lakeside Linens.  For the squirrel I went with the called-for floss colors, but for Scaredy Cats I picked out GAST Cinders.  I have admired this floss color from afar for a long, long time and have always wanted to use it.  A perfect blend of black and shades of dark red.

While at The Stitching Post I noticed a wall of models of Needle Delights Originals patterns.  Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy!!!!!  Totally blew me away, and made me want to come home and stitch every single pattern I have of theirs!!!  Just gorgeous, stupendous, magnificent.  If you have a chance to visit The Stitching Post, do go and see these. 

I have also been reading a lot.  If you are on Goodreads, please request me as friend if I am not already a friend of yours.  I love this site and have found lots of good book recommendations just from seeing everyone else's updates.

For those in Hurricane Irene's path, please be safe.  We are as ready as we are going to get.  I just hope we don't lose power, or if we do, not for long.


April Mechelle said...

Danielle, I love Strawberry Shortcake! Who Is the designer? I am about to start The Pirate Monkey.. You get so great stash on your visit! I sure wish I had a shop near me.. Than again, Maybe I would spend to much .

Rachael xxx said...

Gotta have new stash!!I must remember to get the JCS when I can