Monday, August 8, 2011

Block 3 on SS complete!

I completed Block 3 last night on Strawberry Shortcake.

The clear Thimble-It pads work very well.  My fingers are not sore at all!!!

I am also looking through my needlepoint patterns to figure out what my next one will be.  I like to have the threads well in advance.  That way, as soon as I am finished with SS, I can start the next one right away. 


geeky Heather said...

Looks awesome!

I have a question about using the Thimble-Its...I think I have some around here somewhere...but where were your fingers sore? Were they sore from pushing the needle through, or gripping it to pull it through, or both? Did you just wear one Thimble-It? I ask because I find my fingers get worn out from NP, too, but it seems to be more from pulling than pushing. I should find my needle gripper!

Beth said...

Very nice!! Glad the thimble pads are working!

Joyus said...

Great progress. :-D

Karen said...

Looking really good! I always know what is taking the spot when I finish a project - sometimes I have 2-3 fighting for the spot :)

I'll keep those thimble pads in mind - every now & then, I feel I need something, so make do with a band aid or whatever - but something like this would be much nicer :)