Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainforest Crunch~Take Two

So, off to The Stitching Post this morning.  Out of 6 Caron Waterlilies they only had 2.  Grrrrrr.  But I was able to pick up those two and also Lambswool 28 count Jobelan for stitching the pattern on.

Now, I had two choices, for me at least, to order the rest of the Caron Waterlilies and the two Kreinik braids.  Home Sweet Home Needlecrafts on Ebay, who I have had excellent, excellent customer service from before, and 1-2-3 Stitch, my go-to online store most of the time.

Well, we all know our impatience when we want to start a stitching project.  I want the rest of those silks NOW, as I cannot even start the piece because I don't have the silks for the first block.  So, I e-mail HSH Needlecrafts and the owner, Janet, responds within five minutes.  And she has the silks and can overnight them!!!  Fantastic.

A few minutes go by and she e-mails me to say ONE Watercolours does not come in Waterlilies, but that she has attached a scan of three possible substitutes.  She scanned in a pic of the Watercolors and also three Waterlilies she thought could be substitutes.  Now that's what I call good customer service!

Now, I had to order the Kreinik braid through 1-2-3 Stitch, but no problem.  I can wait a few days for those.

So, I should be able to start tomorrow sometime.  Fingers crossed.


Denise said...

Now, I must say you are one determined stitcher! I would have waiting for snail mail and fussed and fumed until they got here.

Glad to hear you've got them coming lickity split and we should see some progress soon! woohoo!

Valerie said...

I just found your blog (became a follower!) and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. You have beautiful stitching!

I can understand wanting to start a project immediately and I am glad that you will have threads in hand by tomorrow!

I also noticed your Stitchmate floor stand. Do you like it? I am thinking about getting one. Do you use it for most of your projects? What are some of the negatives, in your opinion?

Thanks in advance!

Lesleyanne said...

Fingers crossed your threads arrive tomorrow.

country stitcher said...

You are very determined to get started on that project. I don't blame you, we are all like that at some point. I also like to order from 123 Stitch.
Happy Stitching