Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Disaster Of Sorts

I neglected to tell you all about my disaster yesterday, which actually was precipitated by a most awful weekend with BF ill, me getting no stitching time, and also spending the better part of Sunday traveling back and forth to my mom's to use her scanner because mine quit working (I ordered a new one already) and to get Microsoft Word software because a certain application for BF would only open in that software.  Did I mention I did NO STITCHING ALL WEEKEND????  Actually not since Thursday or Friday, but I digress...

Monday comes.  Pfftttt.  Lots of work, which has been 57 kinds of hideousness lately.  Filling in a lot of the testimony, attorneys who whisper so I am listening to items three and four times, witnesses who speak over the attorneys so you have to go back and listen yet again to decipher what is said.  And then it happens, two minutes before I stop work for the day...I present THE TIMELINE:

5:58 p.m.  The Daughter goes home and I begin wrapping up for the day.  I turn in my chair and promptly knock my 1/8th full glass of Crystal Light Fruit Punch INTO MY LAPTOP KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!

5:59 p.m.  My computer shuts down and won't turn back on.

6:00 p.m.  Cue me going temporarily insane and start screaming and flailing and running to get a towel to try to sop up said Crystal Light.

6:01 p.m.  Cue BF coming in to see what the fuss is about, taking one look at my face, and hearing my rant, which includes expletives and a loud, loud voice, and hightailing it out of my office and back downstairs.

6:02 p.m.  I call my co-worker, who is a complete lifesaver, and who tells me to put a fan on my laptop for two hours at least.  All it needs to do is dry out, she says, while I sit and try to calm my hyperventilating.

6:03 p.m.  I put my laptop in front of a large fan we have downstairs AND I LEAVE IT THERE ALL NIGHT.

6:04 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  I can do nothing but sit and simmer and make nasty comments about the commercials on TV, i.e., yeah, right, NO ONE hugs their dentist.  Get the eff out of here!!!  Or that was THE stupidest commercial EVER.   Oh, and I also played Words With Friends with VegasJilly, a nice distraction.

9:00 p.m.  Bedtime.  I decide to start a new book on my iPad.  A few minutes of sweet relief.  I say a long prayer before going to sleep that my computer is all right in the morning.

This morning when I awoke at the wee crack of dawn, feeling a bit better and rested, I plugged my computer in, and IT WORKED!!!!  I have been on it all day and it has been fine.  Thank you, God.  And thank you, co-worker.  When I tell you yesterday was the most horrific, awful day I had had in a very long time, it was an understatement.  It also prompted me to purchase Carbonite, an online backup program, to make sure all of my stuff on my computer is backed up.  When I get a new one, all I have to do is sign on and restore the files.

I have a massage tonight at 8:30 p.m.  CANNOT WAIT!!!

In peace, love, and stitches,


Crystal said...

OH WOW, what a horrible sounding day. So glad that you got your laptop working again. Going to check out Carbonite. Hope today goes better for you.

Parsley said...

Oh good grief. That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

Carol R said...

Oh dear what a terrible day! The drink spilled onto your laptop reminded me of the time my daughter, who worked in a hairdressing salon, took off her watch and left it in her overall pocket. I put said white overall into the washing machine on a hot wash complete with the watch still in the pocket. When the cycle finished and I realised what I had done I put the watch in the airing cupboard for a couple of days and it worked fine and even displayed the correct time! It was only a cheap LED watch but she liked it.

Astrid's dragon said...

I hope all is well after your massage! Glad your computer started working again, I've have to replace a couple keyboards - dh not happy about it!

Kttycat said...

Enjoy that massage you sound like your in desperate need of it!