Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrabble Addiction

I love playing Scrabble on my iPad, along with Words With Friends.  Since playing my game has improved immensely and I have discovered words that have never even existed.  I recently was perusing all things Scrabble on the Internet and came upon these three items that I had to have:

The book: Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis.  All about the world of Scrabble.  I have only read a few pages, but I love it so far.  It was not available on Kindle, so I (gasp!) had to buy the actual book.

The mug:  You all know I love me some coffee mugs.  This one is a pretty cobalt blue.  And when I saw the saying "It's your word against mine," I had to have it!

The calendar:  YES, I know it is for 2010, but they did not make an official 2011 one.  It is full of tips and tricks and ways to improve your game.  And was only a few dollars since it was for 2010.

I also went to ACMoore yesterday and picked out threads for my two handpainted canvases.  I am like a woman obsessed!  I did a lot of research yesterday, perusing blogs and sites about needlepoint.  I am going to try one of the canvases this weekend I think, on my own.  I mean, come on.  I'm not a moron and I just like I told Spinster Stitcher, I am not trying to recreate the Sistine Chapel on my canvases.  I am simple, and like simple stitching and threads, although I may throw some sparkle in sometime! 

I also realized that almost all of the cross stitch patterns I own would translate well to needlepoint, especially the CCN Cakes thread packs.  The only thing different is that with cross stitch the fabric is the background.  In needlepoint, it is solidly stitched.  So, what I needed to do was find a thread that would work well for stitching the "fabric" so to speak.  Well, splendidly enough CCN and LHN have taken to using Weeks Dye Works fabric in a lot of their thread packs and patterns lately, and WDW's fabric comes from their overdyed thread line.  For the cakes thread packs Parchment linen is suggested.  So, I bought three skeins of WDW Parchment thread and a canvas, and am just waiting for them to arrive to get started on the Strawberry thread pack!  Wish me luck.

Oh, yeah, I also found out that Bedecked and Bedazzled is ONLY 35 minutes from my house!!!  I am so going to go.  Oh, yes, I am!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

In peace, love and stitches,


Vonna said...

I think your taking up needlepoint is commendable! Good LUCK!!!
And Scrabble is a family favorite here. When I was growing up we'd play every Sunday. In the summer time we'd play under a tree in my Grandparents front yard, listening to Casey and to 40 countdown :) If it would rain, we'd still sit there because the tree foilage was so thick it would get our table and board wet ;) FUN memories!

Pumpkin said...

We play Scrabble in our house too :o) I bought the electronic block version for Christmas and it's been great fun because you can't cheat! LOL!