Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Snippets...

1.  I HATE the grocery store.  I mean, it's the worst.  So, I ordered groceries from Peapod and they will be delivered tomorrow.  Score!

2.  I will not be starting Lizzie Kate's Halloween Rules until all of the patterns have been released.  Although I finished Christmas Rules, I seriously ran out of motivation at the end of it when I was caught up almost two months in advance. 

3.  Thanks to VegasJilly's rave reviews, I have bought Clinique Superbalm in Hazelnut and High Impact Mascara in Black off of Ebay this morning.  I am always on the lookout for great makeup!

4.  I have decided that my downstairs projects on my 6 by 6 QSnap will be ornaments.  They will be the perfect size.  And I have also decided that I will stick with my finish of a fringe edge backed with felt and a ribbon hanger.  Easy peasy.  I LOVE the ornament trees I see on everyone's blogs.  I'd love to get one.

5.  I know this may give some of you a fright, but I have been in the habit of not saving my left over floss after I am finished with a project.  I just buy all over again for the next project.  But no more!  I am going to start saving the left over floss and use it up.  And I will be storing it all in my iPad box.  The box is sturdy and I just like it.

6.  My ort jar is filling up!!!  I think I will see quite a difference from January to February. 

7.  I am very close to finishing Live Simply and think I will be finished this evening while watching the Jets/Steelers football game.  Go Jets!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

In peace, love, and stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Some great plans in your Sunday snipets.

Anonymous said...

I love having groceries delivered :) We haven't done it for ages though, as there's a minimum spend with our preferred supermarket and it gets a bit expensive.

It sounds like you've got some good plans here, for ornament stitching and also for saving your threads.