Friday, January 28, 2011


As those of you know who are my Facebook friends, we had a major snowstorm Wednesday night that caused our power to go out from Wednesday 11pm until THIS MORNING at 4:20 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!  So, random snippets that have been coursing through my brain during that time...

1.  We missed both Wednesday night and Thursday night's American Idol because the lights started flickering off and on incessantly about five minutes into the show on Wednesday night, and we have Tivo, so once it flicks off, it takes about five minutes to come back on, so we just said forget it and went to bed.

2.  Not having Internet sucked.  There is no other way to say it.  I am now catching up on blogs and various other things I read/do on a daily basis, namely this blog.  My streak of posting every day was RUINED because I was not able to get online yesterday.  Boo!  Hiss!

3.  I don't know how those people on Survivor don't eat for 39 days.  Let me tell you, I had a few Doritos all day until BF returned home at 3pm.  The Big Mac I had when he took me out never tasted so good.  Nor the large hot mocha, because, yes, I also had had no coffee all day!  BF was able to go to work because he has a four-wheel drive truck, but our street had not been plowed until right before he came home.  I told BF that no electricity + no coffee = evil Danielle!!  Ha ha.

4.  No electricity also meant no stitching.  So, no updated pics.

5.  And no shower! 

6.  But it did mean I was able to play a ton of Scrabble games on my iPad.  I have now learned words I never knew existed in the English language.

7.  Today is my catch-up day, as work was cancelled because of the lingering effects of the storm.  I am doing laundry, showering, banking, e-mails, blogs, and some stitching.  I am going to watch The Other Boleyn Girl I think.  I have it on DVD.  A great movie.  Or more episodes of the Sopranos. 

8.  Oh, yeah, I also finished that book I started the other day, Crossing.  What a disappointment!  It was suspenseful until the end and then blah...  At least I finished a book this year.  My first for this year. 

Thank you, God for turning our electricity back on, as it was not slated to come on until Saturday at 11:30 p.m.  And also, the kids finally return back to school on a two-hour delay after having Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off.  I hear the cries of jubilation from every parent in our county.  LOL.

In peace, love, and stitches,


KarenV said...

What a nightmare about the power outage! I never thought about not being able to shower, but...of course you wouldn't LOL. Hope you can catch up with everything today.

Lana said...

NO COFFEE?!?!?!? Oh poor Danielle!!! I'm glad you made it through the outage ok! I hate not having power, except it keeps m eoff the computer and I can get more reading and stitching done! (If there's enough natural light to do so!)

Annie said...

You beat us. Our power didn't come back on this 5:30 pm (Friday) night. I did have instant coffee since my stove is gas. And I did go out for Starbucks. Coffee is key! But I didn't have an i-Anything to play with!