Friday, January 7, 2011

New Lizzie Kate releases!

I found two pics of some of the new Lizzie Kate releases coming out this January/February:  ABC's of Parenting and Halloween Rules.  OMG!!!!!  I love these.  The ABC's of Parenting is a must as this will be a reminder of The Daughter, and Halloween Rules, need I say more?  How fabulous is that?

In peace, love, and stitches,


VegasJilly said...

Crap! I didn't need to see this. Haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me Danielle and leaving your lovely comments. I love all these new designs. I keep promising myself to not start anything new until a WIP is finished but dang, I keep breaking that promise!
Come back to visit anytime!

Pumpkin said...

I saw that!!!! The Halloween Rules goes on my 2012 to-do list :o)

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Danielle, thanks for popping and visiting my blog.

The Lizzie Kate designs look lovely. I have never stitched any of them but since I joined Blogland I noticed that quite a few people do stitch them.

Look forward to reading more of your blog and keeping in touch.

Thank you again for coming and say hi.

Take care