Monday, January 17, 2011

The MLK Holiday

A fairly peaceful day. Catching up on blogs, stitching, taking BF to get his remote starter installed in his truck, breakfast at Bob Evans.

More on LK's Live Simply. Just gorgeous colors.

Check out LK's blog! A sneak peek of the Spring Alphabet.

I purchased this Proactiv skin care kit. I like it so far. I do not have bad breakouts or acne, but my skin could look better.

I leave you with a pic of BF helping me with my iPad app Words With Friends.

I hope you have had a marvelous Monday!

In peace, love, and stitches,


VegasJilly said...

Ooo I must needs get my hands on that pattern!

I trid proactiv a couple years ago. Its a good system! My skin looked good, but I went through the cleanser so fast, it was too products spend that often. I love my new clinique products!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your L*K. Have been and had a look at the new spring design. What happened to the snowman? Did you finish it and I missed it?

Sadie said...

Such pretty colours on your new L*K piece :-) can't wait to see more.

Pumpkin said...

I saw that! I think that pattern is going to be a must have as well :o)

Nice progress on your latest LK!

Meari said...

I've been considerings the proactiv even though I don't have acne, but it's not clear either. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it after using it a while.