Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I received from Santa

Needless to say no stitching has occurred since Thursday, but I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope all of you did also.  I received lots of FANTASTIC gifts!!!!  I will show you the BEST gift last.  Here they are all, in no particular order.

First is a Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera.  LOVE IT!!!  I am still learning how to use it.   Obviously I am not able to take a picture of the camera with the camera.  So, there is the link.

Here is a pic of BF with his biggest present from me, Mirabilia's Mermaid of the Pearls framed by Jill Rensel.  Isn't it awesome?  This one is my favorite mermaid.  He loved it!!!

Here is the candy I received:  Hershey bar with almonds, Toffifay (BEST CANDY EVER!!), and a two-pound candy cane!!!  I don't know how I'm going to eat that!  LOL.

From my brother I received a Granny Apple Yankee Candle jar and candle topper, and as part of my gift from my mom I received a Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle SPF 15 lip balm.  I love lip balm.  

Here is a closer shot of the jar topper.  I just love it.  And the jar topper allows the ENTIRE candle to burn and not to hollow out, as some candles do.

I also received from BF a pair of warm wintry gloves, two tubes of Bath & Body Works antibacterial hand cream, a gingerbread mug candle, and three Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie car jars.  Christmas Cookie is my favorite Yankee Candle.  I also received a snow globe.  I told BF I would like to start collecting them, so this is my first one!

I also received a Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle jar candle and Christmas topper from BF and The Daughter. 

BF and I received a $50 gift certificate to Double T Diner from my dad and stepmom.  We always go to this restaurant, so a good gift.  And I received warm, fuzzy socks from BF and as my other part of my gift from my mom the new Michael Jackson dance game for Wii.  You can dance as Michael Jackson in his many music videos.  I have tried it.  It's hard, but fun being able to dance to Thriller or Beat It like Michael Jackson did in the videos.

From BF I also received a pair of Skechers Shape Ups tennis shoes, as I needed a new pair badly, and a gorgeous heated throw.  LOVE IT!!  I am always cold in the winter.

More great gifts from BF, the entire season of the HBO show The Sopranos on DVD and The Office 2011 desk calendar, where you can read a scene from the show every day.  The Office is my all-time favorite show ever.

One of the best gifts from BF was this Pandora charm bracelet.  Now I can ask for charms for Valentine's Day, my birthday, and Christmas and build up the bracelet.  My favorite charm was the ladybug charm, as BF knows I LOVE ladybugs.  I also received this cool mood watch with a glittery cupcake in the center, and this Pandora Christmas ornament came free with the bracelet.

I also received $100 in gift cards to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, my favorite restaurant, which BF and I are going to on New Year's Eve, and I also received some more socks (love socks!!), lottery scratch-offs, and an Apple Cinnamon reed diffuser.

I received a set of pajamas and a pair of fluffy pajama pants from BF.  LOVE pajamas!!!

From The Daughter I received this Christmas mug.  I love coffee mugs.  And I also received this sign from the show The Office.  I saw this online and HAD to have it for my office door, which it is already hanging on.

Now for the BEST GIFT, an Apple Ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the most AWESOME gift I have ever received.  I have my calendar on it, can check e-mail, read blogs, listen to my iTunes music, do ANYTHING!!!!  I listed my Kindle on Ebay the same day, as I can read all of my books with the Kindle app.  Oh, my God, can't say enough about this.  Every day I find something new and awesome about it.  I immediately bought a case, camera kit, and headphones for it.

I hope all of you have a good Sunday!  Hopefully with some stitching involved.  I hope to start stitching again tomorrow morning and have a progress pic of Where's The Party?

In peace, love, and stitches,


Parsley said...

What fun gifts!!! The candle topper is new to me. Have you seen it prevent hollowing out? That would be AWESOME!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous gifts received.

Melissa said...

Congratulations!!!! Your finished piece is gorgeous! I have an ipad too and sold my kindle pretty quickly after I got it. You'll love the iPad!!!!!

VegasJilly said...

fantastic and thoughtful gifts!! my fiance got me a pandora bracelet too! i love it soo much! friday the 31st is my birthday so he is going to take me to pick out a charm as one of my gifts! im so excited, i really love the cupcake charm!...and the wedding charms are gorgeous!

Carol R said...

Wow - you certainly were spoiled with your Christmas gifts! I got an iPad when I was in Florida in October and I just love it - so much fun!

Mylene said...

WOW! Your Mirabilia Mermaid looks GORGEOUS and lots and lots of lovely gifts. Enjoy!!

Thanks so much for following my blog.

Pumpkin said...

Looks like Santa definitely found you :o)

Your mermaid is just stunning!!!!