Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Lizzie Kate!

Thanks to LoriU I have some info on new Lizzie Kate patterns/kits coming out in January 2011!  No pics yet, however.  Thanks, LoriU!!

"Forgive Quickly/Kiss Slowly" Snippet
Perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime! This design uses only one thread color - we chose Cupid from Crescent Colours, but you can stitch it in any color you choose!

"Spring Alphabet"
Every alpha letter has a different font and decorative borders, with little spring motifs sandwiched in between. This embellished chartpak includes a dragonfly charm and tiny purple buttons. This is the first part of a seasonal series.

"100 Years"
This is one of our favorite sayings and we're finally getting it graphed!

"ABC's of Parenting"
Another ABC series with muted kid-friendly colors and blackboard colored lettering.

NEW DOUBLE FLIP SERIES!!! Halloween Rules!
The Halloween Rules are similar to the Christmas Rules (12 individual designs packaged in 6 Double Flips), but have their own spooky look and fabulous Halloween color palette! The FREE border is a scary knockout with gravestones spelling out the word "rules" and spooky tree, pumpkin and harvest moon.

In peace, love and stitches,


natalyK said...

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the pics!

VegasJilly said...

I read about these on another site...can't remember where. I don't need to know these things! No temptapics! can't wait to see some pics!

Lesleyanne said...

Can't wait to see. They sound great.